We are celebrating the 103st anniversary of a journey started in 1912 and we feel proud and honoured to say we still continue as such.

Develi is a work of family representing the values inherited from our ancestors and to be inherited by the next generations. Our greatest legacy is a combination of honesty, discipline, qualified service, hygiene and taste. What makes us Develi today is how these are combined with business ethics; and the next generations will preserve Develi’s reputation by holding tight on these values.

Thanks to the teachings of our ancestors, the Develi brand has become highly reputable as a result of that we carefully choose all the ingredients to be used in Develi products, we care for food hygiene and that we offer all our products with an indispensable service quality of ours.

As Develi, we are reflecting the abundance and delicacy of Turkish cuisine in its best form. We do not confine ourselves to Gaziantep cuisine and thus, we also offer the different tastes from Aegean, Mediterranean and Central Anatolian cuisines to our guests. Our restaurant has a story of taste, proficiency, expertise and meticulousness, that is told from generation to generation; and in 1966, it was first opened in Samatya which has become a classic and popularly visited place today. And besides, we still continue to host our guests at our new restaurants in Etiler, Kalamis, Atasehir and Florya, as well. Our most significant motto is to see our visitors as guests rather than customers.

Now, two of my sons, Ali and Nuri Develi, have been professionally carrying the legacy of the Develi’s name to the future. Master Chefs and service team trained by our own values and who have been with us for a very long time are the remaining heirs of this legacy. And those who are familiar with the epic level of taste and quality served by Develi have also a significant role for sustaining that legacy.
We will legate the tastes we produce to the next generations without losing even a pinch of the values that have brought us here today since this journey started in 1912.