Develi Samatya is a world-known representative of Antep and Turkish Cuisine and it welcomes its guests at its newly decorated terrace with a splendid sea-view during the summer. Within the unique ambiance of Samatya, Develi Samatya has been welcoming domestic and foreign guests since 1966 and it has been offering delicious tastes in its newly decorated terraces accompanied by a view of Marmara Sea. Develi Samatya is capable of hosting for 400 people in its stylishly decorated terraces and capable of hosting for about 750 people thanks to its indoor areas.

Develi Baklava, specially cooked in Develi Samatya and one of the most unique tastes of Antep cuisine, is among the tastes the guests will always remember. A special team consisted of the experts in Antep were brought to Samatya. Besides, all local ingredients used for cooking baklava are also brought from Antep, as well.

Arif Develi enriches the Antep cuisine by means of his own ingenuity and expertise. And through these new tastes, he built the legend of Develi. For instance, pistachio nut kebab – a type of kebab Develi is famous for- is actually a taste Arif Bey discovered on his own.

Local ingredients are personally checked by Arif Develi’s himself and purchasing, production and quality control of the finished products are managed by kitchen chefs and food engineers. Replicate samples are taken from the food produced and then these samples are kept for periodical microbiologic analysis. Food hygiene is of great importance and all products have to be served in a service quality that has to be accurate at all times; and thanks to these features, Develi has brought its brand to its current position. It is Develi’s mission to hand down the Develi’s tastes to the next generations without compromising any of these fundamental stones.

The legend of Develi spread from Antep to all over Turkey in 1912. Arif Develi’s grandfather – who is still the Chairman of Develi’s Board of Directors started working as a kebab cook in Antep. While his father was carrying on the tradition of a kebab restaurant, Arif Develi brought the tradition of Develi to Istanbul and its historical town called Samatya in 1966.

Arif Develi is still the Chairman of Develi’s Board of Directors. However, Develi’s inheritance has been professionally carried to the future by his two sons, Ali and Nuri Develi. The remaining heirs of this legacy are master chefs and service team who have been trained by the teachings of Arif Bey. And, one must not forget that those who are familiar with Develi’s taste and quality have also a significant role in sustaining this legacy.

Develi has won the approval of many authorities in the business and has also won many awards. Among them, it was chosen as the “fifth best restaurant of Istanbul’s” in 2002 by Zagat Survey electing the best restaurants of Europe and thus, it surpassed many well-known restaurants. Moreover, Develi Samatya was also included in “The Best 100 Restaurants” list of The Observer – the famous British Newspaper- in 2006. Develi -which has become a classic in Samatya and a popular place for gourmets- reflects the abundance and grace of Turkish cuisine in the best way it can. Develi does not confine itself to Gaziantep cuisine and it also offers different tastes from the cuisines of Aegean, Mediterranean, and Central Anatolian regions’.